W holeBody
isdom Unleashing the Power of Your Heart, Mind, and Body

The Purpose of WholeBody Wisdom is to empower and integrate all parts of yourself — so that you can be:

in the face of real world challenges.

WholeBody Wisdom is based on the belief that we are the most powerful and free when we have integrated all parts of ourselves into one healthy system.

This system includes the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, the intuitive body and the sexual body.

When each body is aligned with our core essence, and the bodies are synergistically functioning together — we can experience the greatest peace of mind as we joyfully serve ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

We believe that each body has valid wants, needs, desires and concerns.

These need to be, at the very least, heard and acknowledged.

Each body also has unique wisdom, strength and guidance to share with the other areas of the self. We are at our wisest when we are able to hold court listening to the interests, concerns and wisdom of each part of ourselves. Not being controlled by any one, but being advised and supported by them all.

WholeBody Wisdom offers workshops & private sessions which help men, women and couples embody powerful ways of being that can transform their life, their relationships, and the world around them.


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